Fate/Grand Order Duel Figure Collection (Fourth Release) Blind Box

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Product Name: Fate/Grand Order Duel Figure Collection Box Set (Fourth Release)

Series: Fate/Grand Order Duel
Manufacturer: Aniplex of America
Specifications: 1 Blind Box (Figure is random)
Also Includes:
• 5 Command cards
• 1 Status card
• 1 Skill card (random)
• Ozymandias
• Nitocris
• Nero Claudius
• Ushiwakamaru
• Musashibou Benkei

• Secret Figure
Recommended Age: 13+

Add even more awesomeness to the intense FGO experience with these collectable figures that double as playable figures in the Fate/Grand Order Duel board game! Summon your favorite Servants to your party and recreate the intense battles of FGO on your table!